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Fragments – a Nasty Word – Get Help HERE! 

FRAGMENTS a problem for you?  Fragments are incomplete sentences, and they make for a lower grade on your papers as well as lack of clarity and immature writing.  Here’s a tip:

Use the words “I believe that” in front of your sentence.  If the sentence makes sense, then it is likely not a fragment.  If the sentence leaves you needing more information or doesn’t sound right, then it is likely a fragment. 

example: “When I grow up.”

Try adding the magic phrase from above:

“I believe that when I grow up.” 

 Hmmm…. doesn’t make sense, leaves you needing more information, right?  You should find yourself asking, “When I grow up what?”

Yup, because it is a fragment.(Fragments are evil.)  Try adding a comma to the end of the fragment and adding more details such as:

“When I grow up, I want to become president of a large corporation.”

See, much better.  Now try the magic phrase:

“I believe that when I grow up, I want to become president of a large corporation.”

Yes.  Sounds good.  Ahhhh.  Relief to an English teacher’s ears. 

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