Automatic Workstation Shut Down

As part of our cost savings measures, we are implementing an automatic shutdown procedure for all district workstations to ensure machines are powered off each night and are not using unnecessary electricity. 
At a set time each evening (5:30 PM & 9:30 PM) this program will run automatically.  If a workstation is powered on, a screen will appear that states your machine will be powered off in 15 minutes. If you are logged on and wish to continue working, click the box that says “Keep Working”.  The screen will go away and you may continue working.  If you happen to be finished at that point and don’t need to wait the 15 minutes, you may click the “Shut Down Now” button.  It is important to note that this program shuts the workstation down as it would normally and if you have unsaved work open, it could be lost.  If you happen to log in after 9:30 PM, or click the “Keep Working” button when it pops up at 9:30 PM, please remember to shut down your workstation when you are finished working for the evening or it will not be shut down automatically. 
This is what the screen will look like:
While this system will automatically shut down workstations, we encourage you to shut down your workstation at the end of your day.  This way it won’t be drawing unnecessary electricity.  As we all know, in this tight economic time, any cost savings measure we can implement will serve us well in the long run.

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